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Mimi Bio.heic



Mimi Guernica is a visual artist based in Bethesda, MD, outside Washington, D.C. 


Her departure from Cuba as a refugee and bi-cultural upbringing enhanced her appreciation of differences in people and her surroundings. Growing up in rural Westminster, MD, she developed a love of nature. 


Mimi works primarily with acrylic and oil paints, also using charcoal, graphite, and colored pencils. She often incorporates collage, pastels, and spray paint.  


Prior to devoting herself fully to art, Mimi was an environmental lawyer at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which informs her art and perspectives on the natural world.


Her work has shown at the Capitol Hill Art League (DC), The Hill Center (DC), Falls Church Art Center (VA), Glen Echo (MD), and The Art League Gallery (VA).


Mimi is a member of the Capitol Hill Art League where she counsels artists on sustainable art practices and trends in environmental art. She is also a member of the Chevy Chase Art organization. 

Artist Statement

I explore the continuum between representational and abstract art, with the majority of my work falling somewhere in between. 


My art focuses on semi-abstract figures and landscapes. Color is an important element in my pieces. 


The figure interests me because it represents the universality of the human experience throughout time and across cultures. My figures may appear in ambiguous situations, relating to each other in mysterious ways. 


My landscapes challenge the viewer’s preconceived notions by providing novel perspectives on the natural world. 

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