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Opening Reception: December 9, 2023 (2PM - 6PM) 

Show Run: December 8th - January 14th 

Friday & Saturday (Noon - 5pm) 

Sunday (11PM - 2PM)
Gallery B: Bethesda, MD

Gallery B presents the contemporary work of Karen Van Allen, Mimi Guernica, Tamora Ilasat and Kate McConnell in an exhibition titled FOUR STORIES, representing the woven voices of four Washington-based artists.


Working both independently and together over many years in workshops and art associations, these artists use various media to reflect on their personal journeys. Their intention is to create work that tells a story through each of their respective narratives, both directly or abstractly.

Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 6.01_edited.png

Karen Van Allen’s focus has been to create work that expresses the complexity of reality paired with areas of simplicity as a counterbalance.


Mimi Guernica concentrates on semi-abstract figures and landscapes. “My figures represent the universality of the human experience and my landscapes provide novel perspectives on the natural world.”


Tamora Ilasat says, “My primary interest is line…straight, curved, broken, dashes, continuous. The subjects I return to again and again are the figure, the figure in landscape. Organic forms, pods, fungi, trees, nature in general also factor in my work." 


Kate McConnell infers her connection to the outdoors, and, as she puts it, “My goal is to capture nature’s vitality with paint!”


Capitol Hill Art League’s Mind of the Artist feature

"This month we’re featuring Mimi Guernica for the Capitol Hill Art League’s Mind of the Artist feature. Read her story and check out her artwork." (click on link to read the full article)

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Eco-friendly Art Practices

As we produce art, it’s important to be mindful of its impact on the environment. This page focuses on the intersection of art and the environment, including proper disposal practices and other information relating to sustainability and art. It will also feature artists and exhibits that focus on environmental themes. - Mimi Guernica (click on link to read the full article)

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